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The Clearing Man

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gheorghe Sarbu



                                                                                dedication: for my friend, Lucian Hetco

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The world is driven on by the masterpiece.


By Clearing Man I mean the individual that brings from “the Worlds of light” into the incarnated world the New Thing: the Masterpiece, the Theorem respectively; therefore, in one sentence, the Clearing Man is the one that Saves his Meaning. We must say from the very beginning that this phenomenon is produced without audience. That the Clearing Man strives hard in studying, in researching without setting out conditions; he doesn’t interfere with anyone, either predecessor or successor. That the only authentic Act, having the character of a Law, for him is the final result, the road cleared from today towards tomorrow. That he doesn’t take his meaning for a cross. That he doesn’t consider himself better than his contemporaries. He knows by heart, in his blood, that – be what may – he must Save his Meaning. And once every 100 years, One does.


In this perpetual marathon, the muscular ones only apparently win (the climbers, that is, those who merely elbow their way in life, who pass into non-existence of their own will; even with a national funeral, and there they remain to be mentioned)

According to the “Reality of things”, the Clearing Man comes natural, comes dignified, comes like a winner into existence, whether he comes from the class of the educated ones, or from the class of the non-educated ones. It would be interesting to know how many of the Greatest Men of the World come from one class and how many from the other.  The problem needs thorough analysis (…) and will have such analysis. Men from al parts of the world will realize, with respect to his own interest, as well as with respect to what is directly connected to his home, that the important thing is the foundation, but also the roof. The 3rd millennium started way below expectations, if not in an unrewarded way. They will soon realize that the Goodness is not expecting for them on the night between millenniums and will change their way; you cannot wait for the harvesting only with the tractor and the combine, and without a barn; or, the barn of the World is Wisdom.

The power of the mind is in the how and not on the verge of the moment.



The suspension  dots are meant as a Sign. What I’ve said so far is the First Stage of the Book of the 3rd Millennium, for which I can be held responsible, as I am convinced that other Responsibles will wish to have their name written in the Wisdom Book; a living proof that We Can Live in a Dignified Way Too.



gheorghe Sarbu - Romania

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